Watch the Hora Loca Concerts Online

If you are a fan of music, chances have you have heard of Hora Loca, also known as Horace Da Dingo. This band established fact because of their musical innovations and is now one of the finest-known names on earth of South Florida music. The band began as a band from Cuba named the Congas de Sal and had already recorded albums before they ever became famous.

Hora Loca is really a Cuban-American band from Miami that records and performs songs by Cuban artists, including ballads to rock to reggae. They have released several albums, many of which have been in the top ten of the charts in the country. They have released seven albums within the last few years and will always be critical favorites amongst fans and critics alike. The bands’ biggest hit “Miami Shuffle” has even been covered by artists such as Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Chris Young, and Johnny Cash.

In the event that you haven’t yet heard of Hora Loca, you’re in for a treat. Their new album, Real Cubano, was published on April Fool’s Day. In order to allow it to be more fun and unique, the band included a set of completely different music, much like what you will expect from the live band.

There was an event called “Real Cubano’s Birthday” for March 31st and the band decided to truly have a special concert at Times Square where they performed as a tribute for their beloved friend. A giant inflatable balloon was flown with the band and surrounded by dancers who had some unusual dance routines because they performed. Once the show was over, the audience was able to go home with a copy of the band’s latest CD, Real Cubano.

Since Hora Loca is now famous, they’ve toured the planet a great deal and have always made their fans very happy. Their popularity is principally because of their incredible live performances and incredible musicianship. The band consists of four talented musicians with musical experience including rap to disco, rap to folk music, and all types of music, making them an amazing live act.

Hora Loca’s fans are impressed by their personality and live performance. The band members have this sense of humor about themselves that produces people having some fun while listening to their songs. On their YouTube videos, you can see their fans constantly commenting about the truly amazing songs and the hilarious hijinks that happen in the band’s shows. They always are seemingly having a good time, singing along with the songs and dancing across the stage.

The band hasn’t let their music get in the manner of their friendship with the fans. They have been known to offer out free tickets because of their live shows and this really is the reason why Hora Loca remains one of the very talked about bands in the music industry. You should just keep an eye out for another Hora Loca concert to see if the band will soon be on the bill with other bands.